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関連記事: 日中衝突

最新JOA(Journal of ASTROLOGY Nov-Dec, 2012)に




Looming Crisis: Japanese-Sino Border Clash?

S. Shimizu


The dispute between Japan and China over the small islands named Senkakus (or the Diaoyus as the Chinese call them) has been boiling since September 11, 2012 when the Japanese government bought some of the islands from a private Japanese owner. The aim was to keep them out of the mischievous hands of Tokyo’s right-leaning governor Shintaro Ishihara, who was then just about to purchase the islands for fear of their falling into the hands of China otherwise.

This act of the Japanese government, however, affronted Beijing and made it respond swiftly. On September 19 seemingly-Beijing-orchestrated anti-Japanese protests took place in over 100 cities across China -- on the scale unprecedented ever since the WWII. It is a well-known fact that no one in China can take to the street and protest in public without permission from the authority.


On this day only, hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens, socially suppressed and frustrated younger generations mostly, took to the street, attacked Japanese restaurants, looted Japanese stores, vandalized dealers and factories of TOYOTA, HONDA, PANASONIC etc.


It was also reported that many of the Japanese people visiting or living in China were threatened or even attacked in the street by Chinese passers-by. About 130,000 to 150,000 Japanese people now living in China were invariably got scared to the extent that it felt necessary for them to keep quiet and hide their identity as Japanese in front of the Chinese. Japanese business men based in China have started sending their wives and children back to their safe home country.


Since then, Beijing has been repeatedly sending its fishery patrol vessels to encroach on Japanese waters, obviously demonstrating its presence in that region.


On September 27, in a speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Chinese delegates went as far as to point a finger at Japan condemning it for “stealing” the islands from China.


It seems that the situation between the two countries has gone beyond the point of no return.  In fact a recent poll suggested that just over half of the mainland Chinese thought the next few years would see a “military dispute” with Japan.


As of today (October 10) the questions that really concern us are:


1)      Has the on-going row already reached its peak and will it calm down in a foreseeable future?

2)      If no, when will it reach its climax and whether will it involve any military confrontation?


My answer to the 1st question is No, not yet.

To the 2nd question I would say that some time as early as in the year 2013 the dispute will reach a peak and it is likely that it may involve some kind of military border clash.


Mundane Astrology Conference

I first noticed the forthcoming crisis two years ago in October 2010. I was then accompanying my jyotish guru Shri K.N.Rao with his group on their trip to Visakhapatnam. He was invited there to contribute to the International Mundane Astrology Conference held by a great yogi Sadguru Sivananda Murty. While preparing for Shri K.N.Rao’s power-point presentation, I picked up some parameters from his thesis, applied and saw what would become of Japan, my home country and found this crisis looming ahead of us in 2013.


At that time the idea was just a sheer hypothesis of mine, but as the situation has been developing in the direction as I did forecast and after looking into some other horoscopes, I have become more confident.


Hindu New Year Horoscopes

For any country Hindu New Year horoscope or Chitra Shukla Pratipada is a yard stick to see what will become of the concerned country within the range of one year.



See the Hindu New Year horoscope of 2013 for Japan.

Massive concentration of five planets involving the 7th lord Mars in the 6th house (border clash) shows some border problems Japan may have to face in the year 2013 (to be precise, it is from Apr 10, 2013 to March 31, 2014). There is also a bad exchange between the 6th (border) and 8th houses (suddenness, secrecy) involving the 3rd house (neighboring country). All these together with the 10th lord show the chaos and confusions that the Japanese government will have to go through. Retrograde Saturn in Lagna with Rahu aspected by Mars indicates the increasing frustrations and phobias among the agonizing citizens. Lagna lord, Sun and Moon are all afflicted. Saturn is with Ra/Ke axis. These are parameters commonly seen in the horoscopes of war.



Then see the Hindu New Year horoscope of 2013 for China.


In the case of China the concentration of the planets falls in the 7th house of war. Triple affliction to the 2nd house indicates slowdowns in economical activities of the country it may entail. Economically China depends on Japan more than Japan does on China and the escalating row between the two countries will bring more damage to China’s economical situation.


Both horoscopes show increasing tension on their adjoining territory, which strikes us more vividly when compared with the 2012 New Year Horoscopes for both countries (not shown here).

(to be continued)



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