安倍新政権と前民主党3政権の比較 ── その1

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Japan’s New Government and Strong Moon


Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won the sweeping victory in the Upper House election held on 21st July 2013, securing an overall majority in the Upper House in coalition with New Komei Party (NKP). This has put an end to the divided Diet and hopefully to the “revolving door” of prime ministers over the past seven years, as ridiculed by foreign media.

Prior to this victory, LDP defeated then-ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) in the general election and regained a majority in the Lower House for the first time in nearly four years. LDP selected Shinzo Abe as prime minister, who formed the new cabinet on 26th December 2012.

For Mr. Abe, this is his second term as prime minister. And in fact he is the seventh prime minister in the last seven years, including himself on top of the list as shown in Table 1.

Abe Table 1

No party had secured a majority in the past seven years both in the Upper House and in the Lower House and the Diet had been divided. While the Diet was divided, no prime minister of that period, no matter which side he happened to be on, could survive well over a year. Therefore, this time, whether and how much LDP would win in the Upper House election also had been the focus of public interest.

So, LDP has won a landslide victory this June and secured the overall majority in both Houses. This means for as long as three years from now on until the next election is held, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be able to concentrate on whatever he wants to do without having to worry about the impending election.

It is interesting to see what makes a government as stable as the present one and as unstable as its recent predecessors. In this article I will take up and analyze the horoscopes of oath taking ceremonies of the four most recent governments.


Let us start with the present government—Abe Cabinet (2012.12.26 ~ ).

Any prime minister of the postwar Japan takes office and forms his cabinet after an Imperial confirmation ceremony which takes place in front of Emperor at the Imperial Palace located in the centre of Tokyo. In the case of Mr. Shinzo Abe, this ceremony took place at 18:30 on 26th December 2013. I will take this up as the timing of the oath taking ceremony for Abe cabinet. See the horoscopes cast on this basis in Figures 1-1~2

Abe Figure 1

The horoscope of this government looks very strong, and in fact it is much stronger than any of its recent predecessors’ as you will see in the discussions later.

The first and foremost striking fact is that three planets are exalted. They are all kendra lords including lagna lord Moon. They are placed in kendra (4 and 7th) and 11th houses. The 9th lord Jupiter is vargottama in the 11th house with the exalted lagna lord Moon, forming a very strong Gajakesari yoga. In addition the fact that this yoga involves all the benefics makes itself extremely strong. With two ex-prime ministers as member, the cabinet has exceptionally dignified lineup.

The planetary concentration along 5-11 axis well explains how much Shinzo Abe is willing to make realized his long-sought dream of reforming the nation’s educational system (5) and revising the constitution (11), which has been intact; never revised, never amended since it was half-imposed by America in 1946 when Japan was still agonizing in a mess after WWII. Involvement of Dhana giving houses (2, 5, 9, 11) shows the economic stimulus package, which is now taking effect on helping Japan out of almost two decades of deflation and is now known as “Abenomics

However, the 8th lord Saturn sits in the 4th house aspecting the 10th house. This 8-10 connection is repeated in other vargas as well. Lagna and the 10th house, both are empty but afflicted by the aspect of Saturn and Mars. There are only malefics in kendra. All these indicate challenges, tension, agony and uncertainty the government has to face.

Another striking point is the exalted Mars exactly aspecting the lagna. In almost all the vargas Mars is placed in the 7th house. Shinzo Abe is being persistently reported in foreign media as being aggressive, right-tilted, a revisionist and dangerous figure. With the increasing tension with neighboring countries, especially with China, Shinzo Abe has never set back and will never do so as opposed to many of his predecessors who easily gave in to China and South Korea whenever they started making unjustified complaint.

Any oath taking ceremony horoscope is a muhurta. In a muhurta chart, the Moon is most important. The Moon is the life force. In this case, the Moon is lagna lord and exalted with vargottama Jupiter in the 11th house. Though being afflicted under Ra/Ke, the Moon is associated with all the benefics, including vargottama 9th lord Jupiter, forming extremely benefic yogas. Thus, I can safely say that the life span of this government is well ensured. Of course, there are other subtler points to be noted. They are tabulated in Table 2. 

Abe Table 2

(to be continued)

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