YouTube and Facebook are ruining astrology...

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On Tuesday you saw the presentation of Anju.
Today you will have two more students of my senior most research class.
In Bhartya Vidya Bhavan we have five research classes.
I take the junior most and senior most.
I invite the senior most students to come and present their research before you.
Anju presented the one the day before yesterday.
Today these two will present.
Some of the senior most research class.
When they tested the research, they say the researches are coming out well.
I decided to present it in the international class.
Because they are tested research, remember.
No one else in the world, will anyone be presenting tested research?
YouTube and Facebook are ruining astrology.
And most of the people taking so-called workshop all over the India, Delhi, Bombay and everywhere, they are untried astrologists and unsuccessful astrologists.
But they are making it business to earn money.
Give them horoscope and ask them to give predictions, they can not do.
I know all of them.
But here what is presented is what you have already tested in all research class.
We have that advantage at Bhartya Vidya Bhavan.
(K.N.Rao on 23rd September 2016)

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